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That’s what Walt Disney said and that’s what Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom, Creating the World’s Best Customer Service is about.  It’s all about making sure that you do what you do so well that your customers come back time and time again and enthusiastically tell others about you.  Click on the button to the right and I’ll send you Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom: Creating the World’s Best Customer Service for free, I’ll even pay the postage.

Remember, Only Happy Customers Come Back,

Keith Lee

“We start each of our weekly manager’s meetings discussing one of the short chapters in your book. Each manager reads the chapter and comes prepared to discuss it and how we can use it at the Lodge. Since the chapters are short everyone comes prepared every week. I love it!

-Cindie Batterman – The Lodge at Eagle Ridge, Renton, Wa

"Your book as opened my eyes to a whole new concept. In fact, I’m going to recommend the organization I’m working with to use the concepts in the book. You’re right – thinking of customers as clients puts it more on a personal level, so I would want to make sure they are “happy,” rather than just satisfied. I will be training the new staff soon, and will instill the Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom Customer Service plan.”

-Juarez Desmukes, PerfectFit Clothiers Inc, Washington, D.C.

“It's a breath of the freshest of fresh air!”  

-Alicia Russman - Undeniable Boutique, Chantilly, VA

Keith Lee - Owner of Keith Lee Business Systems

It's Harder and More Expensive Than Ever to Get a New Customer -You Can't Afford to Lose Customers!

That's what Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom, Creating the World's Best Customer Service is all about. Delivering customer service so good that your customers come back time and time again, and enthusiastically tell others about you.

“I absolutely LOVED the book Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom. Read it from cover to cover. It was refreshing that your company operates and practices these principles.  Some of which I do so myself and some I intend to do now that I read this short to the point piece of literature.“

-Theresa Vital, VRX Media LLC, Humble, TX

“I am a 63 year old retired ex-teacher, coach, administrator just hired to run a small retail business on the Oregon Coast.  Although I have all the skills to run a school or school district, retail is another world that I am enjoying getting into.  I understood that customer service was #1, I just did not know how to get that across to the team.  Thanks again and keep up the great work making me happy!”

- Boomer Wright - Sea Lion Caves, Florence, OR

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